Scanning of Email

First Internet has implemented new virus and SPAM filtering for all INTELLA.NET email accounts.  This is included in the cost of your internet account.  Our latest statistics show that approximately 85 to 90 percent of all email received by our email servers is filtered out as either virus infected or is considered SPAM.

Our filtering service will help avoid infections to your PC from email borne viruses and worms.  However, to eliminate the  threat of viruses or worms from other sources, your PC you will need to have an up to date virus scanner installed.  A full system scan should be run periodically to identify any infected files.  If infections are found, depending on the nature of the virus or worm, the infected files may be able to be cleaned or may need to be deleted.  Two of the recommended virus scanners to assist in keeping your PC virus free are Mcafee Virus Scan or Norton Anti-Virus.

Should you have any questions about our Email filtering program please give us a call at 920-467-7200.

Last Update on 12/11/08